I am interested in creative process and innovation be it Miles Davis or Jack Welch, and am eternally searching for new paths to discovery. These pages contain ideas I have obsessed over or experienced in my own creative endeavours.

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April 2009

Embracing Creative Failure
I've been really interested in failure recently. With a few exceptions I have felt like the failure rate in my own life has been Read More
Leaning Into It Using “The Dip” Part 3 of 3
Once you have defined parameters for quitting, it is time to get to work. Successful people lean into the dip. Do not be passive Read More
Unboxing Manhattan GMAT
Yesterday I received my course package from Manhattan GMAT. The course materials arrive in a small square box loaded to the Read More
Marshaling Resources Using “The Dip” Part 2 of 3
We hit the dip in between the beginners rapid acquisition of skills and complete mastery. This lull in the process is where most Read More
4 MBA Application Resources
I have been intensively researching Business Schools and the MBA application process for about a month now and have found Read More
Business School Viewbooks
The stream of business school viewbooks has begun to flow into my mailbox. While these are obviously marketing documents one Read More
Defining Success Using “The Dip” Part 1 of 3
Seth Godin's book "The Dip" encourages habitual quitting to reach your goals. It sounds like an odd suggestion, but the strategy Read More
All Signed Up For GMAT Training
I decided to book a course with Manhattan GMAT. Their approach seems effective and I have heard positive reviews from friends Read More
Blackberry Curve 8900 Review
There are a few indispensable tools I rely on to help create this site. One of them is my Blackberry Curve 8900. In a recent Read More
Selecting a GMAT Study Course
I attended a free online informational session for Manhattan GMAT on Saturday. I have been studying on my own with the Official Read More
My MBA Pursuit
I have decided to document my path and preparation towards getting into business school. An MBA is a rather decisive turn in the Read More
Dailies, Workshops, and Collaborative Groups
One of the hardest things to do in the creative process is to display unfinished work. There is an inherent fear of premature Read More
Keep a Cliche List
Every field is full of cliche. If you are in advertising it's likely you're currently airing a commercial on how your clients Read More
The Last Twenty Percent
"I've always thought of myself as an 80 percenter. I like to throw myself passionately into a sport or activity until I reach Read More

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